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A project I am working on is a solar tracker. It uses 4 analog inputs and one digital ouput. I thought it'd be cool if it could be controlled by an inexpensive 8 pin device such as the ATTiny85. What puzzles me about using a micro controller without the aid of the Arduino platform is troubleshooting the code which is normally done on an Arduino using the serial monitor. How is this done? - Scotty


Personally, I use ATMEGA8-16, which sell for around $1.50 shipped- and has all the resources of the 328 except less flash.  I'm soon going to be picking up a 644 to play with and a couple of tiny's, but for the first step off the "standard" 328, I would recommend that you go within the same line so as to get used to flashing a bootloader (or not), getting the right config files, etc isn't quite so "new".

You can always use SoftSerial and define a UART...


A long as you stick to ATtiny8 compatible command then debug on the UNO and then strip Serial stuff and change pin numbers to suit tiny. Also maybe a simple LED (if you have spare pin) that you turn on/off in interesting parts of the code.
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which is normally done on an Arduino using the serial monitor

You have several options for debugging a Attiny85 using the serial monitor


These options require that you connect a Serial/USB connector to the tiny when you want to communicate with it (and remove your programmer)

Serial Relay
Null debugger


With these you can leave all the wires from the programmer (Arduino) and use the serial monitor with a single command.
A big thank to Coding Badly for this solution.
The one that feels most Arduino-like is Serial-Relay in my opinion.

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