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I was just browsing the Open Source selection of the IBM Developer Works and stumbled upon an Arduino based tutorial, figured I'd share it!

I did a few searched and haven't found it posted here so if it is, well here's another! :) It's broken up into 3 selections, and were posted a couple years back.




Andy R

I've read this and it's quite good. A chick at NYC Resistor showed it to me.

I am making a tankbot game by mounting a laser tag gun on the back of tracked bot. You would make 2 remote controled tankbots, a 4'x8' course and then you can fight 'em. I'm currently building the second tankbot and having second thoughts that the game will suck.

For human laser tag, you might as will just buy 'em: http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-92692-Lazertag-System-2PK/dp/B0026J7EIO/ref=pd_sbs_t_2 They are only about $30 per tagger and quite good.

The one improvement they could use is a hat/head sensor. I've been thinking about hacking them.

We play in Central Park, NYC sometimes. My liberal wife does not like shooting the children  :)

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