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I just wanted to say that I have created a small library (ArduUtilityLibrary - http://aul.codeplex.com/) from some of the code I used in my projects.

It currently contains the following:

  • MillisDuration - Keep track of a duration in milliseconds

  • MemoryInformation - Returns the size (in bytes) of different memory sections

  • availableMemory() - Returns the number of free memory (in bytes)

  • halt() - Halts the execution of your sketch permanently

  • HeartbeatLED - A try to imitate the human heartbeat with a LED

More will be added in the upcoming months; even yet another push button class.. The library is my attempt to give something back to the Arduino community with the hope it is useful to others.

Suggestions, comments or anything else is welcome. Well, except about the name of this project; I know it sucks, thank you :smiley-roll:

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