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I am wondering if there is a simple way to generate a car horn noise like the typical meep that a car outputs with the arduino. I don't have a car horn but I want the arduino to output a wave that will sound like one.
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Output to what?

A typical car horn is just two very loud sounders operating at slightly different frequencies. Having your Arduino generate the frequencies would be easy enough. Actually, an Arduino is overkill; you could just as easily set up a couple of 555 or 556 oscillators.  But making it actually produce any noise would need some speakers and an amplifier circuit - that would be pretty similar whatever you use to generate the original signal..


While PeterH is correct, unless space is at a premium you could also get actual car horns.  Since automobile electrical systems are based on automotive batteries, most would only require 12 VDC to operate.  They would be interefaced to an Arduino similar to a uni-directional 12 VDC motor, in that you'd use a relay or power MOSFET to turn the horn on and off.


The OP said 'meep', not 'honk'. I think we need some clarification as to whether it's a Road Runner, a Buick, or a locomotive sound that's desired. "Meep" makes me think Citroen. :) Then, getting into replicating something like these, makes me think of harmonics and wavetable synthesis. Or just using a wave or MP3 shield, and finding a recording of the desired sound. Whether that's simple depends on how you define simple.
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