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        Hello all forum members I am new to this and hope to coop well. I have a project related to XBee 802.15.4 module. I want to control 4 devices using 8 XBee modules. (2 for each channel). These 4 channels are operating very closely and I am very much worried about frequency conflict. Since I want 4 different communication channels I dn't want to receive data transmitted by channel 1 by other XBees. I want to make separate channels. Is this can be done ?? Any comments ??


If the pairs of XBees are only going to talk to each other, simply assign each pair a different PAN ID. That way, there is no possibility of cross-talk or frequency conflicts.
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PaulS is correct, using separate PAN IDs effectively creates different networks that will not interfere with each other. There is no cause for concern whatsoever.

But, if it were me, and assuming the controlling is all done from one point, I'd consider five XBee ZBs, one being the controller and the other four connected to the controlled devices. Could save $50 or so that way.

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