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   I have a project in the Audio forum where I used the following cheap keyboard to drive an Arduino Synth.

   How cheap - 2 Dollars 68 cents for 72 membrane buttons, A microcontroller, a speaker an LM386 Amplifier and a few other bits and bobs.

   How its possible to produce something usable this cheaply is beyond me -


Duane B




Perhaps they were churning out so many in the heydays, that they have a brickhouse full of them stored up, that they need to move.....?
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We see that here in the US sometimes. I buyer might buy up surplus or obsolete stock from an original manufacture for pennies on the dollar and offer them to the general public for dimes on the dollar. The problem is that once the stock is sold it will most likely not be available ever again at any price, so that is not a safe way to procure parts for a commercial company where you have be think about future availability of the parts used in commercial offering, but is a great way for a hobbyist to procure stuff.



once the stock is sold it will most likely not be available ever again at any price,

Your saying I have a priceless collectors piece ! Damn I already ruined it with Arduino.

I am not too sure about the end of line pricing though, I think stuff really is this cheap -

The 1.8 Dollar model

To the range topping MS-016 at almost 5 dollars -

Duane B


Did you notice the minimum order quantity is 500?
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