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They don't tell you shipping up front, saying they charge actual freight charges. Yeah, a couple of damn plastic handheld-size boxes and 5 fueses cost you $10 shipping. Had me wait for 3 weeks to get it (still in mail) because I have a backorder item and they wouldn't promise any leadtime. Their estimate was 9/27,  ;D ;D.

This is why I like one of the small businesses in electronics. They actually charge you right shipping and are not so greedy.

Companies I curse, allied electronics, jameco, I'll surely be adding more later.
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What did Jameco do? They shipped me 35 parts for like $5... It was a pretty large box (thinking of electronics, of course), and it weighed about 2 pounds...

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Exactly why I started a small business.  Unfortunately I still need to order from the big guys.  But at least DigiKey and Mouser are fairly honest with their shipping charges.

75% of the time I order UPS from Mouser they upgrade it to 2nd day or Next day.  Not sure why... the next day upgrade usually happens when I order near cut off time.  But the 2nd day upgrade seems to just happen whenever.  Maybe they have a decent contract with UPS.

Tuesday morning I ordered the TI Stellaris Evalbot from Mouser.  An hour later it was marked as shipped and upgraded to 2nd day air.
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Jeff K

What did Jameco do?

Sometimes Jameco forces you to use UPS.  Usually when you order big items.  But I don't have a problem with that.

For me, Jameco seems to have higher prices for stuff they are probably purchasing for the same prices as DigiKey and Mouser.  Also they don't always ship right away.  But the biggest problem for me is they are in California and I am in the midwest.  Priority mail gets me Mouser or DigiKey orders in 2 days. Quicker than UPS (at least for DigiKey same for Mouser).
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I have a real problem with shipping charges...

among technical duties I am mainly the parts guy for pianos for the north American and sometimes south American continents

we use fedex, we have a fairly basic plan, we get 40% discount on our shipments

if its under ~ 15-20  lbs and under a foot cubed we get flat rated 5.11 anywhere in the main USA

cripes, I sent a 80 lb lid measuring 63x53x4  to a residential address yesterday for less than 40 us dollars from Tennessee to "country" New York yesterday fedex ground

now tell me that 5 IC's from allied or Jameco cost 10 dollars US

BULL .. I mean hogwash

that is 2-3$ first class mail, 5.11 fedex with 3-5 day delivery, people who price otherwise are either

A) taking advantage of you, assuming it took more than X hours for a < 8$ an hour box monkey to process it

B) taking advantage of you cause that is what it would cost "joe six pack" to ship it though pony express

C) just flat out screwing you

anyway its a joke, if they dont use USPS or charge you more than 5 bucks for a 12x6x9 package weighing under 20 lbs you are getting screwed

coming from someone that deals with both UPS and FEDEX dozens of times a DAY for the last 2 years

I run a piano parts shop, guess how much our quantity per month is and compare it to anyone who sells retail, its flat out bullshit ::)

digikey < 3$ unless you order a meter long tube of something, takes 3 days in the USA

mouser < 5$ unless your order a meter long tube of something, takes less than 2 days in the USA

anyone else that does not offer USPS or is not worth enough to afford a piddle squat once every 2 month fedex / ups rep , piss on them and let them die


jameco mainly for being expensive including shipping. Their catalog is not so complete anyway. I will try digikey for some EEPROMs.
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order 1 simple thing with mouser you will receive a 5 inch thick catalog containing every single thing listed on their website a week later

compare that to 10$ shipping and a catalog thinner than a "game informer" from jameco

die screwdrivers DIE

digikey is the best on price from the houses, but a bear to manage their site

if digikey doesnt have it, mouser usually does, its a toss up tween those 2 for me and parts houses


Well here it's nice that I can jump on a bus andf go and pick parts up but tbh I have ordered a few times from farnell and if I'm only ordering a small amount then shipping is worth my time...

Some places are a right rip off when it comes to shipping. They make the products sound so cheap...

Was it amazon which was selling cables for 1p each but then shipping was per item and was about £2? Somewhere like that anyway.



Living 45 minutes away from Mouser has given me a pretty awesome advantage.  Even if I select UPS Ground and order by 8pm it'll be at my door the next day.
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Seems like digikey is not far from me. I'll definitely order from it today.
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Shipping is a lot, there is no way around it. Unless they can mail it USPS with no tracking, you must pay. The best you can hope for is to get it quick. I ordered from AdaFruit last Thursday and got it on Saturday by USPS, because we are both in NYC.  

Anyone know what other outfits ship fast by UPS ground to NYC?


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Sure, dipmicro.com
They have ebay store as well. They're on the Canadian side of the Niagra Falls. Every time I got their package, it's from a millitary road in US. I guess they just drive across the border and mail their shipments in US.
They range between 2 and 5 days to MN so should be quick for you.
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$10 shipping for USPS?...
Are they sending it across the globe?
When I order online, from the US, shipping usually is $10~$15....

USPS is dirt cheap compared to other postal services around the world.
Apparently, it is even worth the money to let someone mail a box of bricks (literally, a box of bricks) across the US compared to buying them locally.

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