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I have a project in mind, but really not sure how to approach it.  I would like to have a flashing LED (UV or IR) that either flashes at a predetermined rate (say 100ms as an example), or in a pattern.  The receiver would be a photo detector that is looking for that 100ms flash or pattern, then does something (probably make other LEDs light up to be pretty or triggers a servo to start). 

I am fairly new to Arduino programming, the programming I have done has relied on finding examples and modifying them.  I would greatly appreciate an example. 

I believe I scoured the forum sufficiently to warrant a new topic, if not, I apologize. 



You could use an IR remote control receiver.  It will detect IR that is modulated at about 38 kHz. You could use one Arduino (even a very small one like a Nano) send out a short 38 kHz pulse a few times a second.
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