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Put a Schottky diode in the output pin, like it's been said, so your voltage drop will be minimal.
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Can it get ruined?

It depends on the regulator. 1117's for example don't like that much. What you should do is to put a diode from the regulator's output pin to its input pin. Any diode will do.


1117's for example don't like that much.

True but the OP was talking about an 7805.


Interesting conversation, I regularly power my self made boards through the 5V pin bypassing the regulator. I mostly use LM2940's, I have not had any problems so far. Can I ruin the LM2940 that way?


Very unlikely. In general, the ldos tend to have issues with that, and 1117 is probably an extreme example: it gets hot very quickly if powered reversely.

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