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They should be launching their website soon.

Yes, I went to Zach's conference last week at Barcelona. I think there will be a workshop about openframeworks there in January, if anyone interested.
Sadly I will be too busy to assist :'(.

David Cuartielles

http://www.openframeworks.cc is the domain for the OFW community. We helped them out a little in the beginning with acquiring the domain name and so on. They should be launching their website soon.



OFW is a  wrap several different libraries, opengl for graphics, quicktime for movie playing and capturing, free type for font rendering, into a convenient package (essentially mirroring parts of the processing api) in order to create a simple, intuitive framework for creating projects using c++. It is designed to work in freely available compilers, such as dev-c++, eclipse and xcode.

En definitiva , una serie de librerias que facilita mucho el trabajo.Al principio un poco complicado (para mi) pero muy bonito.


... o tendré que ir a Linz a averiguarlo? ;)

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