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I use an alix2d3 board for routing/qos etc.

The speeds my adsl modem connects with are 19.850 kbps down and 1.028 kbps up. That are also (more or less) the speeds i get when downloading usenet binaries, uploading torrents etc. My contract is actually for 16Mbps down/2Mbps up.


edit: forgot to include this one;


I wish I had that kind of connection at home though

aaahaaaa, cheater :P

PlusNet Technologies Ltd at home, and Telewest Broadband at work?
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This is me at work:


bld bites mowcius's leg off...

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Time to inject a little reality.......



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My 1GBit D-Link switch finally arrived... And then had enough of the total cable mess I had...

1½ hours of cable cleaning and a bit of drilling...

And a little test of my cheap PoE adabters from ebay

Everything working just fine, next step is to get it mounted in a corner in my living room. :)
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And still haven't stopped on playing around with all this :P

This time it was pfSense I wanted to interface a bit with.

Here http://bld.is-a-geek.com/wordpress/2010/09/24/public-rrd-graphs-from-pfsense/ is how I made this http://bld.is-a-geek.com/stats/ system for showing the graphs generated by pfSense
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I thought it was about PCB router!

Here's mine at home. I am paying 30USD for it. How much are you all paying? I need to mention that I'm 2m (6ft) away from my wireless router. I use cable internet in an apartment complex with mostly senior citizens. It's Friday night and they don't surf much!

Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


hehe, I hoped to see some more networking stuff to get some inspiration, but so far I haven't seen much. Bring the camera out, and take some pictures! :P
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My DL/UL-speeds seems switched... Tested with a Samsung N210 netbook on WLAN.



Working just fine, but looks like crap...

Solder solder :D

Much better.  :)
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As others have said - wish I had this sort of connection at home..... :(


Funny thread.. though it looked like a wanger waving contest in the beginning there seems to be some information in here ,0)

About how to handle one's internet connection: I started out on a 28kbps modem - so for me everything is fast enough...


It actually started with the router itself, not the speed of the connection. My problem was that the router couldn't handle my connection, but then it kinda turned into a speed race, without any information...

Now I got all my stuff sorted out, and starts posting it... hehehe
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