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the TX pin on my arduino nano does not blink if the arduino is not connected via USB (but still powered on). If I plug the USB cable in, then the LED for TX start to flash. Does the led not flashing mean it is not sending out any data ? When not connected to usb, I have cable going from my TX and RX pin to my xbee.

All I am doing in the code is starting the Serial and writing to it. I stripped out everything else and it still doesnt work.




The Tx/Rx are tied to the FTDI chip on the Nano.  If you do not power the FTDI through the USB, they will not blink.  If you wish to communicate serial activity of the Atmega328 chip, then you are going to need to use the D13 LED.


Ahhhhh, thank you, I obviously did not know that!

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