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OK, so just to make sure, the following diagram shows exactly what I plan to plug in and where. This setup is 'safe' then I take it?

Thank you so much everyone, this is really helpful information to know!


Yes, that is OK!

But like I said, make absolutely sure you check the current requirement of the controller that will be plugged to the 5V pin. If you don't check and it is too high, you'll fry the voltage regulator in the arduino.
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Not so fast - what do you mean by "SPI connection" on the analog pins?
SPI has a specific meaning, and the '328P has specific pins to drive signals:
D10 tyically used as Chip Select/Slave Select. Other pins can be used; D10 must be set as an output to enable Master SPI operation.

A4/A5 are I2C pins (I think A4 is SDA and A5 is SCK,  I might have those swapped).
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The library I am using (PS2X) does SPI in the memory so it can be mapped to any pin and not just the PWM ones.

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