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the question you ask (Does anyone have a need for NAND Flash?) is just like asking "medicine to sick person" ;-) .. At least I really need it.. reha


The design files are in Kicad (version BZR4022 or so) at https://github.com/bobc/bobc_hardware/tree/master/CoreSam3x

Bobcousins,  thank you very much for these files.  I am having some trouble opening them. I downloaded and installed BZR 4022 as well as all the files in your gihub profile (except .pdfs and .pngs).  I didn't download any gerber files.  When I open some of the files, I get an error saying that it is "not an Eeschema file".  The .cmp files error says that it "doesn't appear to be a valid component link file"

This is my first time running this so I'm sure it's some setting / library I don't have.  Any ideas?



the question you ask (Does anyone have a need for NAND Flash?) is just like asking "medicine to sick person" ;-) .. At least I really need it.. reha
That's a yes then :)  Is there any particular size or type you are interested in? I am thinking of 1GB chip http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/MT29F1G08ABADAWP:D%20TR/557-1484-1-ND/2747309

This is my first time running this so I'm sure it's some setting / library I don't have.  Any ideas?
That's a puzzle, I tried installing on a different PC direct from web, and it worked as expected. If you are new to Kicad, it has some non-obvious features, I recommend following one or more of the tutorials http://www.kicad-pcb.org/display/KICAD/Tutorials

To use my github projects, you will also need the "KiCAD_libraries" folder. Without using git, the best way to get a snapshot of a git repo is to download as a zip, there is a button on home page of each repo - in this case the link is https://github.com/bobc/bobc_hardware/archive/master.zip That ensures you have got everything needed.
Please don't PM me asking for help. Ask questions in the forum.


many thanks for asking.. 1GB is great for me. reha


The PCBs have nearly arrived (post services from China have been slow recently due to customs crackdown!).

While waiting I have identified some issues with the board, in particular one causing a problem with External Bus (discussed in some detail before http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=152644.15)

I think I have worked out a way to get everything working, but there is still a clash between external RAM and hardware SPI. To counter that there is support for 4-bit SD card interface which should make faster SD access, it might be necessary to use software SPI for other peripherals.

I have designed a base board to test out enhanced features, this is really designed as a test platform, but can act as a reference design. It has following features:

- 512MB NAND Flash
- sockets for elechouse Ethernet module
- connector for HY32D 3.2" LCD
- serial programming header
- JTAG connectors
- microSD card using 4-bit interface
- 5V voltage regulator

Hopefully the Core boards are waiting in the post office for me to pick up...
Please don't PM me asking for help. Ask questions in the forum.



I've added a sensor or two to the board you originally posted.  What I'm finding out is that I can't cram everything in there that I want to.

What I intend to do with this board is only use the DI/Os and Analogs I/Os.  I will need a way to program it, and based on that other thread you linked, greybeard said you can use the following for programming:

  • USB bootloader (built in)
  • UART bootloader (built in and what the Due uses)
  • JTAG (10-way header but .05" spacing so pretty small)
  • SWD (4-way header, normal .1" spacing)
I am thinking I'd just like to use the USB bootloader, since then I don't have to break out the UART pins, Jtag pins, and SWD pins and just use the usb port you have on the board already.

bob's board also breaks out these:
  • 2 extra GPIO extra pins broken out
  • Ethernet pins broken out
  • Battery backup pins broken out
  • JTAG pins broken out
which I think I don't need.  Does anyone see any reason why I would need these items if my sole purpose is to load a program that controls, let's say, 50 LEDs individually.  I'll use I2C to read multiple sensors, and I'm not planning on using SPI, so I might get rid of those traces as well.

Any guidance / suggestions?



paperslammer - If you can keep it on the board without increasing the sizes is there any reason to NOT have the traces? In my mind flexibility is one of the best points of Arduino.

If you are certain that you will never ever ever need SPI (what if I2C fails? what if you want to add an SD card for further storage? ethernet sheild for quick access to ethernet?) and it increases your pcb size then remove it. However, if it fits in, keep it. There's no reason to add limitations to your board if there are no negatives to having these extra pins (other than the hardwork of soldering, positioning and tracing).

Another thought is, are you just ordering your design once? Would you possibly benefit in the future from having a few of your design for other projects?



Ok I'll try cramming things in.

For ground traces - do I need to keep them all connected to the ground you've got them connected to, Bobs?  Or can I just find the closest ground trace?



Dec 30, 2014, 08:56 pm Last Edit: Dec 30, 2014, 08:57 pm by paperslammer
Bob's cousin -

Did your board come in?  I'm pretty close to being done modifying yours with some added sensors - did you find anything on the original board that needed to be changed? 

Did you go through Alibaba to get your board made?  And did that manufacturer do both the PCB and the population of the board?




Have you tried measuring the power consumption of your design with the processor in sleep, backup, or wait modes?  I am curious if you are able to realize uA levels of consumption as the processor docs suggest.




Also another question - L1 and L5 in your schematics have values of 100Mhz.  This makes me think that they are not inductors.  Are they some soft of crystal?  It looks like an inductor symbol, but usually inductors have values with units of micro-Henrys.  Am I missing something?


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