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Sounds like you just need to stop by a Pier 1 Imports store or even a Walmart, and buy a remote controlled candle.

Dissect it, learn from it, and really at the end you may just be looking at a simple project of gutting the bat signal and popping in the candle bits.


I made a sketch for an ATTiny85 that can pulse an IR LED at 38-40Khz
In my concept the Attiny is the receiver (connected to the TSOP) so it does not need to produce the carrier signal - that will be done by the transmitter. The code for all that is in the link I gave earlier (though not for an Attiny).

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Thanks INTP & Johnny010.  I appreciate the input.

@Robin2.  This makes the most sense to me.  It fits the requirements of being able to fit into a very small area, and will receive the output signal command from my main Arduino.  It also required very little in terms of investment and, with a little clever programming I can probably send different commands to the Attiny ( thinking blink, steady, maybe change colors on an RGB LED, etc). So this will work.

One last question for now.  Do we know of any similar method that will send/receive an RF signal ( as opposed to the IR method). I suspect it will be a similar circuit but, am thinking there will be no way to get the physical size this small.  This would be a nice-to-have.  because I would not require a line of sight for it to work.

Thanks Again for all the help from everyone.

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