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Check this post,you will find how to connect to network in it



Here are a couple of pictures of the current circuits:

The rf transceivers are nrf24l01+ and the one attached to the pi is a long-range version.

The sensor board started life as a nano 3 but is now a bare atmega328 running at 8MHz. This reduced battery consumption dramatically. 3xAA rechargeables lasted 3~4 days with the Nano 3, but the atmega has been running on the same charge for 2~3 months! I intend to get the sketch running at 1MHz which will allow the circuit to run at lower voltages, hopefully 2xAAA, for similar periods.
BTW by RF I actually meant 433MHz RF, not Wifi - sorry my bad for not being clear.

FWIW I had visualized your setup somewhat differently before seeing the pics.
How do u interface with the Raspberry? - via your laptop/PC over LAN?

Sensors. org was not much use to me as I already have the sketches for my sensors, but it was still interesting to note that the sensors.org approach is to use an Arduino as an RF/Wifi dongle (gateway) to interface with the controller.

Still trying t wrap my head around what the iot software does...
Is it basically a graphical interface to add and view the status of the sensors?

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