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Can you think of a better idea?

Some training for the dog?

Actually, no, I don't have any better ideas. Most tracking devices are either hidden (hard to hide one inside the dog) or non-removable (I don't think that the dog will hold still while the weld the tracker on).

Getting the dog to participate in not being stolen seems like the best solution.


I appreciate your effort, but I don't think that is effective.  We want our dogs to be friendly to strangers.  The third option is some sort of trickery towards the thief, which is what I'm going for.  Actually you did just give me an idea.  Making it very difficult to get off with a small padlock.  Thank you!
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very difficult to get off with a small padlock.

I don't think those two ideas go together. Put it another way: if I was prepared to steal a dog, then needing to use bolt cutters to dispose of a small padlock or a large padlock or a massive padlock and hefty chain would not be an obstacle that would stop me.
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I think I get your drift. An RFID card INSIDE the dog and the collar with an RFID reader. When they get too far apart, the collar has been removed and the signal is transmitted. Is that what you mean?


Thoughts? Ideas?

Sure, I have a thought. Steal the dog, but leave the collar alone. Nothing is transmitted. Eventually the battery will go dead and the collar can be safely removed.

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