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That is completely different.  There is no GPS or mobile transceiver in there.  The battery can be much smaller as the current demands are lower.


The value I can see is that it will save battery power, by not sending any data, when the collar is still attached to the dog.

Dogs can go on the ran-dan if there is a bitch in heat. Being able to track them down while they are wearing the collar can be useful.

What is the problem here, are the dogs being stolen for use in experiments or because they are expensive breeds or to hold rich owners to ransom?


I don't think you can get it under the skin because of battery and poisoning concerns. If you somehow use the electricity of muscle and skin? I would go with a collar.
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are the dogs being stolen for use in experiments

Stealing a dog for experiments is not going to work. For any experiment to be of any use at all you have to know the genetic history of the dog. You don't get that from stealing a dog.

What is getting more common in the UK is stealing a dog for ransom, some how the police do not seem to think it is a crime from what I gathered from one radio phone in program.

In this case the thief is not likely to remove the collar as he hopes to return everything. So you have the problem of transmitting the location. You could do this automatically when you detect that the dog is over some distance away from home, say half a mile. You will get false reports when you take it on a trip but that just assures the owner that it is working.


Even if they do believe it could be a crime, they wait a LONG time before they help at all...


I figured out how to make it tiny so the thief may not remove it, if they are asking for ransom, as you said.  The existing product is much larger, and there is a monthly fee.


Do you think any Dog Lovers would buy this?

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