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I have thought of a more versatile system if the mice really become a huge issue, but hopefully I can find how they're coming in, and these will only stay there as a precaution. 

I've thought of a piece of pvc pipe that they can go in and end up falling straight down passing through some electrodes that instantly electrocute it then it would fall in a bucket in the basement.  Could have a switch of some sort it passes by to then trigger the alarm but more than one could go through per alarm set.

Originally I did have a camera and light up there but it having to have both of those always powered on was not really as efficient as a simple notification system. I could easily go all out with a web cam and stuff but this was just simpler.


LOL! I was thinking of a catapult to flick them into the neighbor's yard, not some fancy electrocution device...  But that's just how I am!


Mice also like strawberries.


Peanut butter works best because it sticks and is not a solid piece, so they have to work at it.  Solid stuff they can take without tripping the trap.

Though, I could glue a piece of dog food to the trigger.

Also I just had one set trip, I'm thinking something slightly shifted and the resistance might be higher than the pull down resistor's resistance.   I have a 10k resistor for that particular trap.  The other has a 10k and one has a 1k.  Could not find another 10k.  I will need to take some stuff apart to see if I can come across something like 20k or even higher.

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