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Hi guys, I'm making this software that allows you to control the outputs of Arduino. The software is still being finalized, but I wanted to get some opinions about it, if it can affect or serve.
The picture is just an example of what can be done, because the software is fully customizable upon request.


A choice of baud rates would be good.

The Arduino has only one LED. It has a number of digital pins. If you are going to have several things shown like that, you should use names that reflect reality.

There are not 8 digital pins. So, the choice of 8 widgets is strange.

What about analog pin values?

How are you dealing with input pins vs. output pins?

How are you dealing with the different number of digital pins and analog pins on the various Arduinos?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


The software is still being finalized,

Have you looked at Firmata ?

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