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I am working on something very very innovative and cheap. have any idea to guide me?
converting bioenergy-->electrical energy?
solar powered rc lawnmower?
blind persons help stick(with sensors to help him walk and move)?

please help me.



I am working on something very very innovative and cheap.

Sounds great, good for you. What are you working on?

Or do you mean you want somebody else to suggest an idea for something innovative and cheap for you to work on? That's a different question altogether. What's your purpose in doing this work?
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How about a lawnmower that burns its own clippings to heat water to run steam turbine to make electricity for electric mowers?
Use solar panel to build up initial charge to preheat water and to provide initial ignition source for the grass incinerator.
Big waving stick in front to stop before you hit a blind person wandering around in your lawn complaining about how quiet your mower is not hearing it approaching...
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something very very innovative and cheap

Tepid fusion
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something very very innovative and cheap

What do you call innovative?
For me innovation is making business with a new idea/concept.

What do you call cheap?
Cheap means different things for me and Richard Branson (I assume)
What is your budget?

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