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I would also vote for a format that doesn't use 100% of the edge real estate for the backplane, there's hardly anywhere to put your own connectors.

What do you mean by "100% of the edge for the backplane" -- the double-row header socket at the right edge? But if so, isn't that part of the standard Mega format -- and thus all corresponding shields, for those who want to use them?


What I'm saying is that there's no room left for connectors on my shield should I want to make one. For example maybe I want to make a shield with 4 or 8 serial ports all using DB(DE)-9 sockets. Where do I put them?

Granted that's hypothetical and nobody else is complaining :)

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Tom Carpenter

With the Due you can put them at the USB connector end now that they have switched to uUSB  :P


now that they have switched to uUSB

At last. Yes you now have about 15% of the edge to use.

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Use SMD pin headers on the side of the shield facing the Arduino board and use SMD DB9 sockets on the other side. E.g. Harting makes SMD DB9 headers.

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