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Hi guys

Right now I am working on using an arduino as a simple MIDI controller.

I was able to get the arduino to send out MIDI note number easily to a DAW (I am using Reaper). So i figured sending out CC messages would be simple

However I am not getting any respond from the DAW when assigning MIDI data. Could it be the way it is sending?

Here's an example of what I've written:

Code: [Select]

where 176= Channel 1 Mode, 14: unsigned , 76: value

The function is as so:


void ProcessMIDIOut(byte cmdtype, byte val1, byte val2)
 //bugging test purposes: to see what values the TX pin is sending out.
  if (cmdtype == PITCHBEND)
    Serial.write(0xE0 | (channel & 0xf));            //  control change command ***Error here:: "As of Arduino 1.0 the "BYTE" keyword is no longer supported. Please use Serial.write () instead
    Serial.write(val1 & 0x7f);                       //  pb MSB 0-127
    Serial.write(val2);                              //  pb LSB 0-15 - TODO
  else // All standard note and cc messages
    Serial.write(cmdtype | (output_channel & 0xf));  //  control change command
    Serial.write(val1);                           //  command
    Serial.write(val2 & 0x7f);                       //  val1 0-127

and yes, Serial is in the right MIDI baud.

I'm still new to the CC messages format


Does Reaper know what to do with a control number of 14? It's listed as undefined in the messages spec.


Where in your code do you set the values of output_channel and channel?

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