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I'm trying to find a way to control remotelly, an Arduino Ethernet Shield/Arduino direct by my Django webpage. I mounted a schema, see below how I want it works:

Remote User ---> WEB Page ---> Python Web Server ---> Arduino Ethernet Shield ---> Arduino ---> LED

In this case, make a python web page (made with Django or whatever) to send commands directly to the Ethernet Shield to have a nice webpage with CSS, etc. and need not to be connected to the Arduino into a USB port of my PC, but in any place, by network cable.

I did a search around WebSockets, but I have not found a way to send a command to the Arduino and receive a reply from him.

I made myself clear? :~

Thank you!



It appears that your python web server will also need to operate as a client of some type to connect to the arduino ethernet shield. Have you figured out that part?
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Thank you for your reply zoomkat!

No, i'm trying to figure this out too... How the webpage will send and get information/commands to the Arduino? Will i need to import some different libraries in python or php for example? I'm sorry, i'm just trying to understand how it works and what i'll need to make it works...  :~

Thank you!


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