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Hey guys.
I am new to this.
I have just made a laser trigger for my DSLR.

The circuit uses a External laser with an LDR or a amplified mic to trigger the flash by completing a circuit with an exteral flash.

I have 1 LED which stays on, whilst the device is ready to take a flash.  When triggered this goes out, and the optocoupler is activated.

I would like to run my Arudino Uno Rev3 on a standard 9v battery through the DC power jack on the board.
Is this possible safely without frying the board?

What would i be looking at for battery life?


Yes certainly it will work and for several hours. A 'standard' 9V battery is good for about 100 mAH or 50 Ma for 2 hours or... there are better methods I'd recommend a regulated switcher type 7.5V 1A Supply (Measured no load), that's what I use. A 9V switcher type would work as well but the linear regulator on the Arduino will  run a little hotter... 125C is it's upper limit. I am reasonably sure that the data sheet I attached is the same as the Arduino or at least the same 'family' of regulators...
Good Luck in the Contest...

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