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Drew Davis


Is it possible to control a few servos off the Arduino, or do they need their own power source. If the do need their own power how would I set up the circuit?

Drew Davis


A similar inquiry was made recently.

You wouldn't need the 7805 if you're using an Arduino board, but he had his own 'boarduino' set up.

Fair enough?
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Drew Davis

Please forgive me, (I'm completely new to Arduino and electronics)  but I don't really understand the diagram.

1. What is a 7805

2. Where do the thin black wires coming off the servos go.

3. how does a 9v battery become 5v

4. what is a "boarding"

Drew R. Davis


1) If you're using an Arduino board then disregard.  Just figure it's a 9V cell connected to the Arduino board
2) Servos have 3 wires; +V, Gnd, and Signal. Those are the Signal wires
3) See #1
4) Not "boarding" - "boarduino", it's an Arduino set up on a breadboard
"Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"
When all else fails, check your wiring!


The two links in my signature should also help, they basically show what runaway pancake is suggestion in action - and also what you can expect your Arduino to do if you do not to it the way we are suggesting.

Duane B
Read this
then watch this



Basic arduino/servo wiring.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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What about this board? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10616?

Drew Davis

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