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One other problem just popped up. Literally. The IC's are having issues staying in the breadboard. Sometimes one end pops up a bit, sometimes the entire chip pops out. Are there any tricks to keeping them in?


What happens if you double the values current setting resistors on the TLCs? If that gets it working, then it would indicate that it is the LED switching current that is causing the problem, and better grounding/decoupling is the solution.

Stripboard is easy to work with once you learn how to use a soldering iron.
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I'm not sure -- Kinda hard to check now since it's working fine. Like I said though, the PSU isn't even the same for the IC's anymore. Got two PSU's, one just for the LED's, and it's helped a lot.

I know how to solder, but what do I do to make connections on a stripboard? Using wires sounds "wrong" and so does making long solder bridges..


Bend component leads if they are long enough to reach another component.

Just use the strips themselves for low-current signals.

Use the strips but run a bare (thick) wire as well and solder it all along the strip for high-current.

Use wire for any connections that don't fit the above.

BTW, the best way to cut strips is a 1/8th" bit in a pin vice. Just drill enough to cut the track.

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Annnnnd scratch that. Broke again. Just the 5th chip. Since the 5th is on a different breadboard I had to use longer wires and that seems to have killed it again. Before it was connected directly but I was gunna run out of wire and space to plug stuff in. Maybe if I tore off the little +V and GND rails on the sides of the breadboards and used those..

I can't adjust the SPI clock -- I think the library does it at some point by its self. I decided to try "bitbanging" instead SPI just to see if it'd work (It says it's slower), but that seems to be too slow for the TLC's to accept.

Man, these things are /really/ sensitive..

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