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hello i new in this
I want to control about 15 - steppers motors with Controller Arduino
I need to have the ability to run all the motors separately and together, and to varying degrees
do i need to use several ardoaino controller?
how many steppers motors can i use with arduino?

Nick Gammon

This device (L6470) may help:


It runs the stepper autonomously once you send it a command. You would need a chip select for each one. You may be pushing it with a single Arduino, but maybe just. Depends what else you are planning to connect to it. You could use a 16-port port-expander for the chip selects.


Cool chip!  I wonder how the stall detection works?  Do you know?  That is something I have written into my library.
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Nick Gammon

The documentation says:

Sensorless stall detection

Depending on motor speed and load angle characteristics, L6470 offers a motor stall condition detection using a programmable current comparator.
When a stall event occurs, the respective flag (STEP_LOSS_A or STEP_LOSS_B) is forced low until a GetStaus command or a system reset occurs (see paragraph 9.2.20).


I´ve been working with the L6470 Chip.. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10859 so I have a couple of questions..so hope that you could help me.. First all worked preatty good. I was able to running with very good and fast with velocity values( 6000 steps/sec). with these motor.. http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=23&product_id=3317_0 v Power Supply: 12V 15 amps. My Issue: I tested the chip with this other motor : http://www.mechapro.de/shop/product_info.php?language=en&products_id=182 and now the motor runs Max in 1000 steps/second.. .very slow .I configured the CONFIG register with the default values. KVAL RUN,ETC ETC. also i wrote it other values but I d?nt see other behaivor.. The other problem and I cann not drive so fast the other motor(Phidgets) again.... Could you say me your experience or a litte trick..  What Kind of motor could i drive.. Thanks..,
Best Regards..

Nick Gammon

I had similar results. One motor worked better than another one. I don't have any tricks yet, except working on the configuration some more.


I have the Sparkfun Autodriver https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11611 which the new version of the previously mentioned L6470 board. Does anyone insight into the KVAL settings? RUN, ACC, DEC, and HOLD. What their function is , and particularly what range of values is permitted?


I'm very much at the stepper learning phase ...

Using the L6470 how would you command two or three motors to work in close co-ordination. For example to get motor A to do 612 steps, motor B 476 steps and motor C 211 steps all starting and ending at the same time? (and to forestall smart-alecs, I don't mean that the start time and end time are the same :))

(I think I know how to do this with an A4988).


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