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Oct 27, 2012, 08:52 pm Last Edit: Oct 27, 2012, 09:13 pm by JHurley747 Reason: 1
I am trying to program my 7 segment LED display to display a number, based on the number of times a button is pressed.
For Example: Press the Button three times, a 3 appears on the LED display.
I wanted a pretty simple code and I am thinking using an interrupt will work. BTW I am new to the forums and to the Arduino UNO.

Code: [Select]

const int aPIN = 9;
const int bPIN = 8;
const int cPIN = 7;
const int dPIN = 10;
const int ePIN = 11;
const int fPIN = 13;
const int gPIN = 12;
const int buttonPIN = 2;                               // I left this in here from when i was trying this same idea with ridiculous if statements and booleans
int pressCount;                                           // I tried this as a volatile but it didn't seem to work

void setup()
 pinMode(aPIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(bPIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(cPIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(dPIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(ePIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(fPIN, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(gPIN, OUTPUT);
 attachInterrupt(0, count, RISING);            // I tried the first value set to both 2 and 0 neither worked

void loop()
int pressCount = 0;                                    // I think this is my issue:
                                                               // 1. void count can't edit this var because it is in my loop.
                                                               // 2. everytime this loop runs it resets the pressCount to 0  
                                                               // So If i move this statement to the bottom it should work right?
                                                               // Wrong Becuase apparently void count will not edit vars in void loop
unsigned long readTime = 0;                      // Stores run time at beginning of loop for read time, resets it everytime the loop runs

readTime = millis();

if ((readTime == 7000) && (pressCount == 1)) // 7 second to press the button 1 time, this code is only for testing 1 press = the number 1 to appear
   digitalWrite(bPIN, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(cPIN, HIGH);

void count()
 pressCount = (pressCount + 1);

If you read my comments on  "   int pressCount = 0;   "
and go to http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/AttachInterrupt  and look at the code on this page it makes me think that voids can edit variables across each other...

Any Ideas?


You have two pressCounts .
I'd leave just the global one.
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Why are you using an interrupt handler to poll a switch? Way overkill.


Why are you using an interrupt handler to poll a switch? Way overkill.

Polling is as easy as using digitalRead() ?
Or the idea behind it?


Polling is as easy as using digitalRead() ?

Polling IS using digitalRead().


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