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Is there a library that is designed to work with a third party high current controller like a Geckodrive that has step/direction/enable TTL inputs?

The Arduino stepper libraries that I've seen seem to be designed to directly control a smaller motor.



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The AccelStepper library (http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/AccelStepper/) supports the Step/Direction/Enable interface You pass the Step and Direction pins when you create the instance and then call stepper.setEnablePin(uint8_t) to set the Enable pin.

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I just read up on the AccelStepper library.  It mentions that you can run multiple motors simultaneously, although I don't see much about that in the docs. 

If I wanted to control two motors, would I just create two AccelStepper objects and main them separately in the sketch main loop?

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