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Here's the full read and write code, but before you use it, download a datasheet and try it out yourself, you'll learn a lot and it'll give you a feeling of accomplishment.

maybe I will :)
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I'm planning to use Dave's (Legendmythe) sketch. He used a Linux script to send the hex file over serial. I want to use Max MSP, since it can read hex files and send them over serial very easily. However I'm not sure about the speed. There a module in Max which acts as a metronome (called 'metro'). The bytes are sent every time metro sends a trigger signal. The time is specified in milliseconds. How many bytes can I send per second?


It seems to me that a writing cycle consists of 5 pulses (switching the control pins on and off). Would 5 ms be sufficient between sending each byte?


Answer found: Dave in the blog post clearly explains that he sent 64 bytes at once with 1 second between each 'burst'.


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