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Which programming language is easy and good for a student like me? C and C++ seems to be very boring to me while learning. I started watching Java tutorials which are better than C and C++.
I like GUI based languages which are fun to write.
Should I continue with java?

I want to interface and communicate 'the language' with the arduino software to get more freedom. like making a accelerometer stats program with a software,etc.

Bdw I started learning from thenewBoston channel at youtube.

Thanks in advance,


Arduino is C/C++ but if you learn java first it will all look start to look familiar

Duane B


I like GUI based languages which are fun to write.

Looked at your Arduino lately? Do you see a place to display that GUI? I certainly don't.

Look at your fancy GUI on the PC. How much of that code did you write? How much do you understand? How much was just "magic"?

The fancy GUI full of buttons and sliders and text fields and tabs needs callbacks to actually DO anything. That's boring work. We'll get someone else to do that. I don't think so.

Once you get past the fancy GUI builder which is fun to play with but accomplishes very little (and Visual Studio has them for C/C++ and C#), you need to write code that accomplishes stuff.

Learning to think logically, so you can develop useful code is not restricted to a given language. Learn one. Whichever floats your boat this week.

Then, nest week, when you want a job as a programmer, it might be important to know what language(s) employers expect you to know. A little clue. The list will be longer than one entry.


Really nice reply.
So, you mean I should understand the basics of programming which will help me learn any language in future, right?
Then I'll go with java. :)


Yes, the logic and concepts are basically the same with all languages, once you know one you will pick up another pretty quickly because you will know what to do, you'll just need to learn how to do it in the new language.

IMO it's knowing what to do that's the hard part, learn that in any language and the skill will transfer.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

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