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How to interface this sensor with Arduino  ??
How to calibrate this sensor !!!
what are safety measures to be taken such that the sensor is not damaged .

It has digital and analog output !!! Can I use any one ?
Which is the best one chose analog or digital ?
What is the use of digital input of this sensor !!?


According to datasheet:
Pin1, black -> arduino(common) GND
Pin2, red  -> external power 7V..12V
Pin3, white  -> arduino analog pin
Pin4/5, ora/yel -> any arduino digtal pins (avoid pins 0/1 as they are used for your USB-interface)

Use softwareserial (or altsoftserial) for the software UART

Read the analog input. Tha value (0V..4V) is proportional to wind speed.

for serial comm, see the manual

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