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i'm going to take a weak signal amplify it then calculate the frequency on an analog pin...

accuracy is kinda important eg...

if a 30hz frequency.... 60hz  so if it shows 28-32hz  each frequency represents a different user/id... simple as possible as i intend on using an attiny85 as the signal generator... 

ill use an uno to program on first.. im worried about using code not designed for the attiny ... thanks :)


60 herts - person 1
100 herts - person 2
150... etc etc as long as the tolerance is a few above or below not a problem..


Configure one timer as a counter for the pulse and another as time base.


writing the code to send the pulse and interval, is straight forward enough (delay/digitalWrite,delay or led blink without delay, lot's of options...)...

but, has anyone seen any code to measure frequency? i'll adapt it if so :) thanks...


but, has anyone seen any code to measure frequency? i'll adapt it if so

There is a FrequencyCounter library. Google will be hearing from you soon, I'll bet.
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