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Flip over diode D1. The intent is for any spikes/etc. on the reset line to get bypassed into the Vcc line.

Oh, ok... Must have misinterpreted what you wrote...


Planning to connect some external parts to this? I would add another header or other means to connect +5, Gnd to off board devices.
The FTDI and AVR header can be used as well.

Yes, I wanted to get the basics first.  This board is to experiment to see how the 644 will do in a bigger project.  Wanting to learn more about standalone micros before I make any PCBs for the larger project.

Thanks for your help CrossRoads.


Well, you could always 'hack' your Uno  :D
Here's one of the early things I did with arduino, adapting an Uno to work with a '644P.
The larger memory and dual serial ports were needed.
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