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I know that the DUE is extremely new however I was wondering if there was any documentation on the use of the CANTx/Rx pins.

I ask because I am looking to build a Data logger/display which will work with an OTS ECU, something very similar to what is being done with the OBduino and loguino projects, and I was wondering if I should just stick with using a Mega, or if I should invest in the DUE to allow for future expansion. Any info would be appreciated.



Massimo Banzi


we don't have simple code yet but the ASF framework from Atmel provides a C example of how to use it with the SAM3X.

If you want to tackle it I can upload just the can stuff somewhere for you (the package is 149MB zipped but you only need 5 or 6 files)

a lot of the boilerplate code in the example can be removed as arduino provides it



Ah, Thank you for the info. I was able to find an online version of the ASF documentation here:

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, hopefully I will be able to work this into my project.

What you guys do is awesome.

Massimo Banzi

please report back any progess.

As we work regularly with the ATMEL engineers who wrote that 145MB of stuff, if you have issues we can bring them in the discussion.




Will the CAN communication support 11 and 29 bit frame identifier? and when can be supported by Arduino's APIs? Thank you.

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