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Massimo Banzi

when can be supported by Arduino's APIs? Thank you.

when you help us implement it :)



You are welcome Mr. Banzi. I'll PM you about it. By the way, for some of my automotive apps, I've been supported by some guys in Mareno di Piave (Treviso). Their CAN modules based on Atmel ARM at91sam7x256 have done a good job for the local market. Ci Vediamo!

Massimo Banzi

BTW don't do this alone.
open a thread on the forum and let everybody help. if you have find an issue with the ATMEL code , post here and I'll get the engineers to comment.





I'm interested in the CAN bus on the Due as well. Can't seem to grab the ATMEL examples from their website though. would anybody with access be kind enough to share those?




I'm very interested too! has been open another thread to support the Arduino due can interface? Who is currently working on it? , git repository ,web site stuff like that, where can I found them.

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