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I'm trying to use RIOT (riot-os.org) on the Due, and I'm able to compile everything and flash it and it also produces some text in a terminal.
However when I try to use the default example included, I'm unable to get to a shell like it says in the documentation. If I compile for native (run on pc) then I get the shell.

In the documentation they suggest using
shell_init(&shell, NULL, UART0_BUFSIZE, uart0_readc, uart0_putchar);
for initialising the shell. But that doesn't work either, so I figured I would try

while (1) { uart0_putchar(uart0_readc()); }

Which doesn't produce any feedback either. However while (1) { uart0_putchar(0x41); } does output a lot of A's.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?


the riot-os.org site mentions a developer mailing list - suspect that's the place to
look for answers about the RIOT OS...
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Yes, of course.
I ended up getting help on their IRC channel.

The solution was to merge this

Suspect it will become part of the master branch later on.

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