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I have got a number of this units and are strugling a bit.
Using one ANano and one AUno and the FS1000A.
I can only get them to transfeer bytes within 20cm.
Tested with VCC 10V and 5V, tested with home made coiled antenna and long wire antenna about 30cm. I have tested 2 different TX modules, tried moving away from the domestic WIFI systems to try to avoid them disturbing. Testing tuning the RX drossel without getting any longer distance.
I was hoping I could use them for a bit longer distance than 20cm.
Using standard lib and close to standard examples with wirtual wire.

Do any body have a clue?''
using 2000bs as the standard example.



This may help.
The voltage specs for these Transmitters and Receivers are a bit confusing.
The Transmitter will work with any voltage between 3V and 12V , but the Receiver needs 5V, and it needs to be
very close to 5V, otherwise the receiver wont decode properly, and this can show up as poor sensitivity / poor range.
Running the receiver off anything much above 5 V will damage it.


I have checked, and it is indeed lower, I will test more to morrow.


I just bought 3 pairs of these on Ebay. I have an Uno and an Uno Rev3 and I got it working with VirtualWire in 0023

Tried 1.0.3 but got compile errors, so switched to 0023 and the examples transmitter and receiver work just fine with these.


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The distance these thing can operate is dissapointing. Can't hardly receive anything at more than 25cm apart
work for transmitter/receiver work without change on these devices.

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