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What kind of antena you are use? How is connected on modul?

I just use a copper wire, see pic. Do the same with the receiver.   

Thank you.
I will try. Can i connect in hole near "ANT" text (corner hole)?


Thank you.
I will try. Can i connect in hole near "ANT" text (corner hole)?

Yes, instead of in the picture I just soldered the antenna in the hole next to "ANT" and it is working also fine.


Can someone tell me what kind of range you would expect with these devices?


In my experience, the range was a whole lot better, even without adding additional antennas, if you upped the voltage on the transmitter.  However, it didn't do any good using the voltage through one of the Arduino pins (e.g., Vin).  Running it just off the Arduino at 5V (via USB), I would get a range of about 6ft/2m.  If I plugged a 9volt battery into the Arduino and still fed the transmitter via Vin, there was no difference in range.  If I powered the transmitter directly from the 9v battery, the range increased to more than 30 feet/10m. 



Hi Bob

I tend to agree with you, with 16cm antenna's on both side at 7.2v on the TX i get 24 meters , Im still looking to increase my range but other thing to look at before just looking at the antenna it is the code. this can also have an effect on the range.
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here are my solutions

i get with 5-7.2V up to 110m with 17.5cm jumper wire antennas:




I have got to use XY-MK-5V  TX/RX Module in my project of "room automation system". I am using pic microcontroller and C language. I need to ask that will this RF module will on/off a 220V bulb and fan?? will it need encoder/decoder or just pic uC will be sufficient??



Just a note.. on the RF/antenna length side.. 433MHz (for a 1/4 wave wire length) should be 16.5cm.


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