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I purchased the following 433Mhz RF Transmitter/Receiver however I am struggling to find the data sheet and example code for Arduino, can anyone help?

Looks like it would be fairly simple if I could just find an example to get started with.



however I am struggling to find the data sheet

For what? At least the receiver is clearly labeled. Ground and VCC are pretty obvious. The other pin is where the data comes in. Connect it to any pin, and use SoftwareSerial to read the data. The SoftwareSerial instance can use -1 as the TX pin number, since transmitting isn't possible.

I'd guess that the transmitter is equally well labeled, but the labels must be on the bottom. Again, use SoftwareSerial to talk to it, with the RX pin -1, since you can't receive anything from it.
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I was trying to use the VirtualWired library to test this using only one Arduino (which is what I have right now, but don't worry I backed Tinyduino and smARtDUINO so I will have more to work with soon!).  It appears that its not really clear how to test an RF unit with only one Arduino, I tried and tried to get it to work with various VirtualWired library.  I have not looked into SoftwareSerial but I'm doing that now to see how it works, if it uses the TX/RX pins on the Uno then I wont be able to test it with just one Arduino however it appears...



So I setup a basic example that listens on the PIN that the receiver is on and I seem to get random binary data spitting to it (without me even trying to transmit to it using the transmitter).  Is this interference or simply not handshaking with it correctly I wonder.. hmm..  I can't be the only one who bought this really cheap wireless kit for testing purposes just to have something that does RF.. someone has to have an example for the same setup I would imagine but I've tried Googling my hear out :(

I wonder why the receiver has 2 data pins as well?

David B.

This link may be of some use to you:


You can use either receiver pin for data, but you need to do some noise filtering in hardware or software because these devices use simple amplitude modulation.  If you are just interested in on/off control and not a serial data stream, you can pair the transmitter with a Holtek HT12E encoder and the receiver with an HT12D decoder.  This will give you 8 bits of address and 4 bits of on/off control.


I have got a number of this units and are strugling a bit.
Using one ANano and one AUno and the FS1000A.
I can only get them to transfeer bytes within 20cm.
Tested with VCC 10V and 5V, tested with home made coiled antenna and long wire antenna about 30cm. I have tested 2 different TX modules, tried moving away from the domestic WIFI systems to try to avoid them disturbing. Testing tuning the RX drossel without getting any longer distance.
I was hoping I could use them for a bit longer distance than 20cm.
Using standard lib and close to standard examples with wirtual wire.

Do any body have a clue?''
using 2000bs as the standard example.



This may help.
The voltage specs for these Transmitters and Receivers are a bit confusing.
The Transmitter will work with any voltage between 3V and 12V , but the Receiver needs 5V, and it needs to be
very close to 5V, otherwise the receiver wont decode properly, and this can show up as poor sensitivity / poor range.
Running the receiver off anything much above 5 V will damage it.


I have checked, and it is indeed lower, I will test more to morrow.


I just bought 3 pairs of these on Ebay. I have an Uno and an Uno Rev3 and I got it working with VirtualWire in 0023

Tried 1.0.3 but got compile errors, so switched to 0023 and the examples transmitter and receiver work just fine with these.


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The distance these thing can operate is dissapointing. Can't hardly receive anything at more than 25cm apart
work for transmitter/receiver work without change on these devices.


They do work on longer distance. Just added 30cm antenna on both receiver and transmitter and tested in on a distance of
5 meters between two rooms. Even with 2 softw walls in between. Closed the doors and they still work without errors.

And VirtualWire v1.10 works in 1.0.3 !
The demo's work for transmitter/receiver work without change on these devices.


What kind of antena you are use? How is connected on modul?


Just added 30cm antenna on both receiver and transmitter
17cm would be more efficient.
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What kind of antena you are use? How is connected on modul?

I just use a copper wire, see pic. Do the same with the receiver.   


Just added 30cm antenna on both receiver and transmitter
17cm would be more efficient.

Ok, I will try that.

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