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thank you!
If you can open a pull request it would be perfect, otherwise I'll apply the fix by myself.



I believe i've just opened pull request for this issue.



I believe i've just opened pull request for this issue.

Yes, this is the preferred way to submit patches, thanks.


Thanks for saving my nerves!  :smiley-mr-green:


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Is it possible to change the DAC resolution using the dacc_write_conversion_data(DACC_INTERFACE, value);?
It's always using 12 bits, even if I change using that command: analogWriteResolution(8);.
Is it seem the analogWriteResolution(8); only works when we write a value using analogWrite(DAC0, value);



Hi. I'm trying to use the DAC from my due to make a square wave. After analogWrite(DAC0,value), the output voltage won't reach 0V again. I know that the voltage output will always be between 0.55 and 2.75V, but i really need 0V... There is a way to turn off the DAC0? I've tried digitalWrite(DAC0,LOW) with and without pinmode() function.

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How to get rid of the 0.55 Vdc from the DAC output---

You will have to waste an amplifier on this to do it right, otherwise a series capacitor will do the trick.  I'll show you in text so everyone can see it:

  ----|(----      use a nice big capacitor; 47uf will pass just about all frequencies, 0.047pf will block all frequencies.

Better to use an amplifier, Freescale has one that works in front of a comparator; here's the link:

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