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so let me explain a little more.  I want to read an analog meter not a phone.  I want to take a picture and read the numbers in the picture.  If I could just read the numbers from a steaming image that would be fine I just want to know what the numbers are so I can transmit them and not the image as text will require less bandwidth to transmit than an image.  Thanks for the help.  I dont think the arduino has the power to do it but want to try all my options.


Wouldn't an ADC be a simler option?
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Similarly to reading the mechanical digits on a utility meter?

If you can afford to use a PC for this, it would be quite easy to get something that worked under ideal conditions. Making it work reliably under less-than-ideal conditions may be very difficult, and there would always be some situations where it simply wouldn't work, or produced the wrong answer.

Tackling this with something less powerful than a PC would involve all the same problems, but they would be harder to solve since resource-intensive approaches would not be feasible.
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Post a picture as requested. There are countless styles of dials and meters. I have a way that arduino can use to do this but you got to post a picture so I know if I'll be wasting my time typing it up.


here is  picture of the meter.  If you were thinking of putting a pot or encoder on the pointer sorry im not needing the location of the pointer but the numbers for total usage.

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