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How is the due? Im savin up to get one asap, is it as cool as I hoped? Lol,  like how does the ide handle it and everything,  is there a alot to handle getting started?


There is a Due forum - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,87.0.html.

is it as cool as I hoped?

How cool were you hoping for? So far, I'd say probably not.


I don't have one but I can tell you that I'll never buy one either. I recently got an STM32F4 Discovery for 12 dollars and it seems to be better in almost all ways. It's far cheaper, it has 192k of RAM, same amount of ROM, it runs at double the clock speed of the Due and the board has various things on it (a DAC, a mic, an accelerometor, and a usb host port). Every single pin on microcontroll er is broken out into male header pins. The only thing I can complain about is that the pins are broken out in a random order (they're not grouped into ports).


do you have a link to the STM32F4 Discovery for 12 dollars ?
so we can compare too
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