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I have posted the first version of the IDEFat library at http://code.google.com/p/idefat-arduino/  This libary joins a version of the SDFat FAT32 file system code with low-level IDE hard drive access.  A total of 24 digital pins are required, requiring a Mega.


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A schematic for how that hard-drive is connected would be a lot more useful than that picture of spaghetti that you posted.


A pin-out chart is provided in the README.txt file in the zip.  The photo was just to show the direct connection between the arduino and the ide cable discussed in the aforementioned README.txt.  Since no additional components are required (unless you want to add the led for drive activity) a schematic seemed unnecessary.


A pin-out chart is provided in the README.txt file in the zip.

OK. I'm going to check this out then.


You must understand the HDD IDE protocol, and how HDDs work. What would be the most simple way to actively communicate with a HDD PCB, so that the spindle spins indefinitely? I don't need to access stored data, and it will be physically impossible (I removed the reading head).

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