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Hi all,

I think I bought a very similar LCD with the SSD controller and 7" and same screen resolution... so I suppose I will get the same errors.

doc_norway: Is there anything I could do in the UTFT library to support this screen?


Is there anything I could do in the UTFT library to support this screen?

Of course there are, but it is not a straight forward thing to do.
You would need the datasheet for the TFT panel on the module to find and calculate the correct timing for that particular panel.
In addition you would most likely need the SSD1963 datasheet to modify the settings for the display orientation and RAM update order.
If you get those thing correct it will most likely function correctly.



Thanks doc_norway.

I got the SSD datashet and the TFT datasheet, I think modify the timing must be quite easy, but the ssd... I will do my best and let you know.

It must be not very difficult as far I can understand because the panel has the same resolution and chipset as one supported panel by UTFT but 7" instead of 5".

Will see...


Svalls, curious how your project is going. Did you have luck with the 5" or 7"? I just went to the 5 inch today. I absolutley can not thank Doc for his library I have decently complex interfaces with my 3.2 with the UTFT, after two hours today I could only get a white screen out of the 5"... I know the lib is great, hope I dont have a bad screen.  If you get the 7" up let us know.


Well, we have a lot of work to do yet, and the 7" is only a small part, so we didn't started yet.
The 7" screen is a part of a project we call "workduino" which is a scalable industrial controller half way PLC and CNC. We are designing now the first pcb board. I will open a post if someone is interested in it.

I had a look at the screen and UTFT, and the strange thing for me is that no power is supplied to the background, and all is 3.3v. Don't know if it is normal as I'm used to use alphanumeric and touch screen panels, which uses 5v or 24v.

I will try to find time and post it on projects section.

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