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I'm trying to name shift register pin 1 to pRow1 and be able to turn it on and off with this name, instead of referring to it by it's pin number each time.

Right now, I can get it to turn on when I write:

setRegisterPin(1, HIGH);

but I want to be able to write

digitalwrite(pRow1, HIGH);

Is what I want to do possible? and if so, how do I make it happen?


Code: [Select]

#define pRow1 1

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const int pRow1 = 1 ;
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const int pRow1 = 1

worked within the loop.


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EDIT: Restated

I'd suggest using more descriptive names, and not knowing your application domain, those in my example are rather lame -

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const uint8_t   pinSHIFTREGISTER_ROW_1  = 1;
const uint8_t   SR_ROW_OFF              = LOW;
const uint8_t   SR_ROW_ON               = HIGH;

digitalWrite(pinSHIFTREGISTER_ROW_1, SR_ROW_ON);


Another way is to use an enum, for example:
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  pRow1 = 1,
  pRow2 = 3,
  pRow3 = 8

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