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Is there an easy way to see if I fried My Due with 5v on pin 7?   Does anybody know if the Due works ok with MakerPlot?  MakerPlot


Power the Due up. Does it turn on? Can you access serial over whichever USB port you are hooked up to? Is the cortex M3 chip getting so hot that you can fry bacon on it? If it turns on, has serial (run a sketch that shows something over the serial port), you can upload things to it, and it is not currently trying to melt down to the core of the Earth then things are looking good. You should then try to toggle pin 7 on and off to see if it really toggles. If it does then that's a good sign. If you get all of the way through this and it seems to work then it is probably fine. You may have reduced the useful lifespan of the Due even if it does currently work.


Well, so far so good all I have to do is test the pin. Thank You for taking the time to reply.

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