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Hello everyone,

I'd like to deploy a WSN for an outdoor surveillance application. The intruding object may be a person or a vehicle.
I don't need motion sensor that has a simple on/off output. Instead, I need motion sensor that has some raw output such as the energy level of the received signal (e.g. infrared radiation) because I intend to do some pretreatment on the raw data.



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I don't no if this would work for you but I used a CCD camera It has 10 IR leds so it can see at night.

This is what these things can do It will output a voltage change when you move, but it's read able you could tell what is in front of it.

It could do what you want I hooked the power to 5 volts and used ADC to read the video and you get movement readings
that change with size and heat.

And there repeatable


Getting analog signals out that are repeatable and produced by movement is great, what signal off the camera are you reading?  I would think the only signals output would be NTSC or PAL depending upon which side of the Atlantic and to a lesser extent the Pacific you are.

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