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I'm new to the Arduino community and platform. I'm trying to build a simple ardunio circuit to measure breath alcohol. I have the MQ8 alcohol sensor and I feel like I've connected everything properly - however, I'm not getting the desired values at all. Can someone kindly show me a circuit schematic as well as code to program the controller to output correct values? I want the values to be formatted like a BAC sensor.

Any help would be really appreciated. I know this is super newb stuff, I'm just trying to wrap my head around the whole platform.

Thank you!



actually, i just realized that isn't the sensor I had purchased. I have the Alcohol Gas sensor MQ-3 which wasn't giving me good readings but I just noticed that I wasn't doing any of the 24-48 hour "breaking in conditioning".

Is the MQ-8 a better sensor though? Is the warm-up time faster than the MQ3?

Thank yoU!


Sorry I've never used either sensor.
I would ask Sparkfun.

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