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I'm just starting a project with the above mentioned hardware (Arduino Uno With PoE Ethernet Shield).  Both are Arduino and Say R3 on them.

I haven't hooked up the hardware yet because I don't have a PoE injector for it yet.

I am going to buy an injector.  My question is can I buy one with adjustable output voltage, just in case the 24VDC (which most are) is too high a voltage and causes my shield to run hot?

If you know of any the manufacturer's name and part number would be appreciated.



The Arduino does real PoE, so you should find a real (48v) injector.


I decided to borrow the PoE injector from one of my EnGenius WAP's.  When I looked at it, it says right on it 24VDC.

So I hooked my Ethernet shield to it and... nothing.

As Westfw said, the Arduino Ethernet shield apparently needs the full 48 VDC.  Actually the specs say that it will work at 36.



Standard PoE injector/switch (IEEE802.3af/at) can recognize the power of your Powered devices needed automatically. You can use PoE splitter if your devices not built in PoE module.

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